To be a Black Forager

Pleas enjoy this repost from Black Foragers Facebook page. I’m sorry I don’t know how to resize the video player.

This morning, a long time follower of my TikTok unfollowed me, because I posted a video detailing why being a black forager is important to me. Why calling out my race is necessary to me when talking about my relationship with the land and with my food. What a disappointing way to start my morning. I’ve heard countless stories of run ins with the police over foraged finds. Some from white folks. Most from POC. And after the year we all just lived through, it makes my heart and my head heavy to see people who honestly believe that one’s race doesn’t affect the way we move through this world. There truly is something revolutionary about being black, and meeting the earth where she is, and making a trade. For too long this knowledge has been forgotten, and for too long, first out of fear of violence, and then out of cultural routine, black faces have shied away from the great wide outdoors. A space that truly belongs to us all, just as we belong to it. But just because being a black forager is revolutionary doesn’t mean being just being a forager ISN’T revolutionary. Anyway, I’m a little sad, in the way any teacher would be sad when a student you think needs a lesson the most choses to not engage with it. But the 98% of the comments on the first video were loving, vulnerable, and thoughtful so I’m switching gear to focus on those. Idk, maybe I need to just not focus on my phone 😅Anyway, thanks for reading. I really do you love, you wonderful human, you. BUT IF YOU DIDN’T READ THIS FAR, HOW WILL YOU KNOOOOOOOOOOW? 😂❤️PS – Are you following @thecookinggene or @countrygentlemancooks on IG yet? If this kind of history is your jam, they will be too 🌱PPS – it’s literally never a bad time to thank indigenous peoples for generously teaching our ancestors how to survive here! Thank you! Miigwetch! PPPS – yes that’s me playing the autoharp poorly in the background 😅

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