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A sundog is a halo that maintains a 22 degree distance from the sun on one or both sides. Best time of day to be seen is at the horizon line during sunrise or sundown. The phenomenon is created by a refraction of the sun’s light on ice crystals. Also known as “parhelion” (plural: parhelia), Greek derivatives of “para” meaning beside and “helios” meaning sun. Another name is mock sun(s).

As interesting as this atmospheric phenomenon is, I still prefer the more common sundog seen pictured below. She’s my favorite walking buddy most of the time, except on days when she wants to sniff every blade of grass.

Melanie Reynolds original photo

More to explore: Atmospheric Phenomena: Halos, Sundogs and Light Pillars (

Do you have a sun-loving fuzzy friend?

Show me your Sundog, Suncat, Sunllama, Sunfox,…

11 thoughts on “Sundogs

  1. Melanie.  Wonderful!  Love the picture of Daisy – a true picture of contentment.   BTW – the “tree” people are coming this week.  Yea!  M

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