Eagle Owl (draw a bird day)

Love these Owl pictures!

method two madness

spread your wings
carry the night in
silent flight

The eagle owl is both one of the largest and longest-lived owls. With wing spans up to 6 feet, it has no natural predators, although it is sometimes mobbed by crows. The leading causes of death– electrocution, hunting, and poisoning–are man-made.

Nesting on cliffs or rocky outcrops, it has a wide distribution throughout Europe and Asia. I love its binomial name–Bubo Bubo.

Eagle owls are solitary, territorial, and nocturnal. They can more often be heard, having a large number of vocalizations, than seen.

For Colleen’s #TankaTuesday, poet’s choice.

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5 thoughts on “Eagle Owl (draw a bird day)

    1. Did it try to deliver any letters? We have an owl nest outside our bedroom window. The Great Horned owl pair use it in the winter. I love their sound the most, classic hoot-hoot-hoo hoo. The Barred owls are invasive here and come in the summer. They’re always asking ‘Who cooks for you?” and I find it rather patronizing because; “Shove off bird! I can’t afford a personal chef!” It’s not as easy to fall asleep too, but they’re own here for three months out of the year.


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