Lance Sr. and Fawn, circa 1940s, USA

This farm boy grew up, met an amazing woman, and had two children. He eventually become my grandfather. He used to walk seven miles to and from school. On one of those walks home a doe was struck and killed by a vehicle. He brought the fawn home and took care of it until it was self-sufficient. It lived on and around the family farm for many years until one day it disappeared. While my family has farmed, fished, and hunted for generations, we have always valued life. We took only what we could eat and never hunted for sport. All people owe a debt to nature for their survival.

Lance Sr & Fawn cira 1940s,
©Melanie Reynolds. Not for sale, distribution or reproduction.

14 thoughts on “Lance Sr. and Fawn, circa 1940s, USA

  1. I don’t regard hunting as sport. And certainly not with the high-powered guns of today. In fact, I don’t like many of the modern “improvements.” I grew up in dairy country and most of the farmers were pretty good skiers, because the cows were allowed to dry off in winter!

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    1. Buffalo in the U.S nearly went extinct because people would shot them from trains and leave the carcasses to rot. Partly because they though it was fun and also because of racism. They knew they were sacred to many indigenous tribes and highly valued for their meat, hides and bones used by the tribes. I also hate that if a person is rich enough they can go to certain game reserves to kill endangered animals, again, just for sport and maybe take the head and hide as a trophy.

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  2. I love this story. A lot of people would have put a collar on that animal, or in some way kept it tied to their property so they could show it off to their friends. It was an act of pure mercy to let that animal go back where it belonged. Rock.

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    1. Thanks! Some family friends once rescued a skunk baby skunk. Same situation, mother killed by car. They raised it but never tried to keep it as a pet, kept the scent gland intact and everything. It never sprayed any of us. It eventually found a mate and several generations of skunks lived on that property but never sprayed my friends or their two dogs who didn’t mess with them.

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    1. I don’t know if he did, but I would guess that he probably did. When I was growing up we would always pull over to help people and animals stranded on the side of the road. It’s pretty common to have car-deer accidents in this state. I am the only person I know that hasn’t hit a deer. I’ve only been the accidental Grim Reaper for three squirrels in 30+ yrs of driving.


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