Last Call for January: Moss & Lichen Pictures

Raindrops on Moss By Melanie Reynolds Washington State, USA.

Do I need more pictures of moss and lichen? Well, maybe not, but then again does a book lover ever really have enough books? I can’t imagine having too many books or pictures of nature! So, if you were planning on submitting moss and/or lichen pictures for this January’s photo submission request here is your last chance!

January: Moss and Lichen

Due: Tomorrow, January 31st

Photos will be posted sometime during the day of Feb 1st Pacific Standard Time (PST)

I’m in the last time zone on the planet so this works to your advantage. For Example: The Eastern side of North America is 3 hours ahead of me, most of Europe is 8 hours ahead of me and Asia is 16-17 hours ahead of me. You could in theory send me a picture on the morning of Feb 1st your time and I would still receive it early enough on Jan 31st my time to include it, because time is relative.

Next Photo Submission:

February: Unexpected Blooms and/or Ferns

Due: February 28

Photos will be posted sometime during the day of March 1st PST

The Fine Print:  Photo Submissions Guidelines

Email to: Subject line: Photo Submission for [month] (Multiple months of photos in one email is fine.) Image: Attached as a .JPEG or .PNG file preferred. Captions each picture: Subject in the photo (if known), State/Providence & Country, Date (optional). Your name as you want it to appear, Your blog link (if you have one.) 

Feel free to add any interesting notes about a picture. I love interesting stories behind things! Let me know if it’s just for ‘my eyes only’ or if I can share any part of it with your photo. Pictures must be your own or you have permission from the Photographer to share it. All copyrights belong to their respective owners. This is a free, fun, community site about nature. Non-commercial and ad free.

Thank you!

Thank you very much to our Nature-Led friends Lisa Troute, IDV, Dinah, and Cathy Litchfield who have already submitted their Moss and Lichen for the month! If you sent in multiple photos rest assured that at least one or two of your photos will be shared! I may not share them all though.

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