To inspire and share ideas of living a nature-led life in pursuit of creative, sustainable and just solutions for society and the environment.

What is a Nature-led life?

Your place in the world starts with your place in nature. What you do has impact. How can you help save the environment if you don’t feel like a part of it? The world doesn’t need a hero. It needs communities of people willing to make a broader impact for the sake of all living things. Ask yourself, How can I do this job/task/pursuit/life/trip to the grocery store in a way that benefits more than just myself? Is it so bad if only moss grows over there or the bushes aren’t perfectly manicured? Can you go to the grocery store once a week instead of everyday? Can you stop buying so much “stuff” whatever it may be?

Melanie Reynolds

Site Administrator

I’m an indoor/outdoor cat who doesn’t eat birds or mammals. I have a Sociology degree in Social & Environmental Issues from the UW. I’m a Certified Technical Writer, a FEMA-Certified Disaster Prep Coordinator for CERT programs and a search & rescue enthusiast. I seek out wandering pets, people who’ve misplaced themselves, learning opportunities and forgotten stories.

Current Project(s): A collection of Dark Fantasy short stories

This is my only website.

Patricia Lezama

Author/Artist/Spanish Teacher & Translator


I’m a woman with the attention span of a squirrel, the moves (and love to sweets) of a hummingbird, and the perseverance of a sloth. I have been a writer and storyteller living in a teacher’s body, who has a BA degree in Education and a MA in Literature from the National Pedagogical and Pontifical Xavierian Universities in Colombia. A life student and over thinker who has worked as a PM in Education and IT in Public and Private entities in Colombia, and who is currently teaching Spanish in the PNW, in the USA. Published work: 2 poems and 1 short story in the anthology book: Amazon.com: Sentir latino transformado en mujer: Poemas con Identidad Latina (Spanish Edition) (9781532791468): Varios, Autores, Nobili, Valerie, Cecibd, Cabrera, Angélica, González, Eduardo: Books

Weekly articles about Education and IT in the Agenda Cultural magazineat Jorge Tadeo Lozano University,Bogotá D.C., Colombia, 1997-2000Articles about education, literature and writingin Dreams, a student’s magazineat the National Pedagogical University,Bogotá, D.C., Colombia, 1992-1996

Current project(s): a collection of short stories and poems.



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