Nature-Led Poll: The Results Are in!

First, I want to acknowledge today, October 11,2021, here in the United States as the holiday of Indigenous Peoples’ Day! This holiday falls on the second Monday in October and is a counter-celebration to what has previously been known as Columbus day. I believe this holiday is important to the modern United States for recognizing and reflecting upon the racism, forced assimilation and genocide of the Native peoples. Environmental Justice is Social Justice for all people!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in the first Nature-Led poll!

Which topic are you most interested about?

1How Habitats Shape Our Habits3.63
23D Houses, The Future of Housing?4.25
3Social Engineering, The Great Deception4.75
4Vertical Farming for Urban Renewal5.50
5Science Fiction to Science Reality, Nature-Led Innovation5.63
6Tiny Forests Redux: Perils and Considerations5.75
7Why EcoTerrorism Doesn’t Work6.25
8Creating A Firewise Habitat7.13
9Social Learning: Finding Your Niche By Learning From Others7.63
10Extinction Level Events: A Dark Ray of Light7.63
11American “Downwinders”, The Generational Cost of War9.63
12Deconstructing Water: The Evolution of Open-World Game Environments10.25
This is called a “Weighted Rank” I guess its like Golf where the lowest number is better.

*I missed an important word, I meant “3D-printed houses, The Future of Housing?” Most of you probably knew what I meant though as we’re already live in the 3rd-dimension. Stay tuned for 4th-dimensional living tips though! Maybe I’ll cover that next year! Haha

Other Topic?

What we can still learn from our early native true Americans?

(Short Answer: A LOT! Hahaha. I will discuss this question with an Indigenous friend. Maybe she will do her own guest post or give me her blessing on what I can pull together. As a White woman I can’t speak for Indigenous Americans, but I can share their words and work with you. There is an immeasurable amount of loss and heartbreak in trying to recover their lost languages and ways. Some of these have died with the elders and can never be recovered. Many tribes are currently fighting for a more just and sustainable future though. I would be happy to share their their ‘works in progress.’ I’m hoping this will be there time to shine, that their voices will be heard and that they can help guide us into a more sustainable future.)

What one person can do to actually make a difference.

When I figure this out I’ll let you know! This is my current obsession and why I was a little disappointed about the Regeneration book by Paul Hawken that I reviewed two weeks ago. I wish it had included more pages dedicated to this very topic.

Have a great week Nature-led friends!

First Ever Nature-Led Poll!

There are so many Nature-Led topics to write about. Help me out by letting me know what topics you’re most interested in. If you are new to the Nature-Led website, welcome! Don’t be shy about joining the vote! I try to deliver one freshly-pressed post each week. This weeks post is this survey. Let’s get started:

Here is a short list of topic titles currently on my mind. Please rank the topics from most interesting to least interesting: Hold your left mouse button to drag a title up or down the list in order of your interest from highest to lowest. If you would like to suggest a topic please do so in the “Other Topic?” comment box provided. Click “Finish Survey” button to submit your feedback.

Thank you for participating! I can’t wait to see how this how this works out!

Survey results will be revealed next Monday October 11th, 2021 by 5pm Pacific Standard Time.

The survey itself has no official closing date. Should you arrive here after the Oct 11, 2021 deadline please feel free to submit your feedback anyways, especially if you have any additional topics of interest you would like to see. Thank you!