A Spring Walk through Pensthorpe

These beautiful images are brought to you by my friend Inexplicable Device near Norfolk, England.

An Artful Stag

Bluebells carpet the forest

A handsome Mandarin Duck

For more wonderful pictures please visit: Inexplicable DeVice

Have a wonderful week!

My next few posts will be focusing on Disaster Preparedness content for this site.

Tuesday, May 18th is the anniversary of the Mt St Helens Eruption in Washington State, USA. My home. I was five years old when the mountain exploded. I believe it was the impetus for my passion in disaster preparedness.

Mind Travel: Back to Africa

Visit Jane Lurie’s photography page for some beautiful animal portraits. You can find more under her “Travel” tab.

Mind Travel: Back to Africa – Jane Lurie Photography (wordpress.com)

My favorite is the Lioness. Which one will yours be?

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Creating Living Landscapes

This is a terrific presentation that really breaks down the complexities of our current biological diversity problems and what YOU can do to help. It is really worth the time to watch. If you’re pressed for time you can skip the first few minutes with the lady and at 1:10:00 the presentation is over by Dr. Tallamy and you can chose whether you want to listen to the Q &A. So you could call this a 1 hour lecture.

He also has a book called “Bringing Nature Home” I have shelves and shelves of environmental and gardening books but it appears this one got stuck on my “want list” and not actually purchased for reading. I shall go fix that.