Creating Living Landscapes

This is a terrific presentation that really breaks down the complexities of our current biological diversity problems and what YOU can do to help. It is really worth the time to watch. If you’re pressed for time you can skip the first few minutes with the lady and at 1:10:00 the presentation is over by Dr. Tallamy and you can chose whether you want to listen to the Q &A. So you could call this a 1 hour lecture.

He also has a book called “Bringing Nature Home” I have shelves and shelves of environmental and gardening books but it appears this one got stuck on my “want list” and not actually purchased for reading. I shall go fix that.

Cuando la pata de gallina apareció…

He celebrado el día de acción de gracias con sus posteriores fiestas decembrinas, por más de una década, en la tierra del norte americano. Cuando de repente una mañana, y totalmente desprevenida en el jardín de mi casa, noté la primera pata de gallina.

Después de tantos pavos rellenos, tantos aderezos vividos, tantas risas compartidas; hoy, finalmente agradezco esa aparición aferrada a las raíces de un arbusto mayor. 

Temídamente se asomó a la superficie, para ser vista por el rabillo del ojo. Me hizo sonreír. Pude entonces ser consciente de esas finas líneas de vida, que dan cuenta de historias talladas a lo largo del rostro.

Las patas de gallina aparecen un día para no irse jamás, para tergiversarse en las raíces de nuestros recuerdos, cacareando nuestra atención, para que de una vez y para siempre, agraciadamente, honremos su presencia.

Crow’s feet apparition

I have celebrated Thanksgiving, following by the Christmas holidays for over a decade, in the land of the American North. When one morning, all of a sudden, totally unaware, in the garden of my house, a crow’s feet showed up. 

After so many stuffed turkeys, vivid dressings, and shared laughs; today a gratitude was elevated for that apparition clinging to the roots of an older bush.

They fearfully rise to the surface, to be seen out of the corner of the eye. It made me smile. I was then able to become aware of those fine lines of life that compel stories, carving along our faces.

The crow’s feet emerge one day never to leave, revealing themselves like the roots of our memories, cackling for our attention, so that we gracefully honor their presence.