Don’t forget your rocks…and fossils!

Greetings Nature-led friends!

I’m constantly writing posts for you in my head, but when its time to sit down and write them something more pressing always needs to be done. I could really use a WordPress mind reader app. You wouldn’t want people reading your mind all the time, but imagine if you could think the words, *Begin post* and then write with your mind and add images. Think of all the millions of images we see in our lifetime, being able to recall and image and plug it into a post or book manuscript would be amazing! It would save so much time too!

I’m a visual thinker and experiential learner. I can do something once and then teach it to others. I see words in complete sentences and paragraphs with appropriate white space and font size. I visualize music and numbers in colors. Zero is white with a halo back shadow, one is white outlined in black, two is blue, three is red,…12 is purple.

In one of my early jobs, I worked as a long-distance telephone operator. At the end of the night my mind would purge all the credit card numbers as they scrolled before my closed eyelids like movie credits. I accidentally spooked a regular caller once when he dropped his card while reading off the numbers and I cheerfully said, “It’s okay. I know them.” Oops. I’m well aware that complete strangers don’t want to know I have their credit card number accidentally memorized. A missed opportunity for a life of crime I know.

Wait! That’s not what this post is about. I got distracted. Thoughts like butterflies and all that…

Send me your rock and fossil pictures!

The deadline is this Sunday, April 30th.

I’ve only received pictures from two people, Kerfe and Mary Reynolds. Thank you both!

Here’s some inspiration. A couple of pictures of the petrified wood that I inherited from one of my grandfathers back in the 1980s.

Assorted Petrified Wood Samples By Melanie Reynolds

and this one that usually ends up as a door stop in the summers:

Large Petrified Wood

It’s as big as my hands and I have big hands for a woman! It’s also appropriately heavy for something that’s been turned to stone.

About Petrified wood:

If you want more pictures of rocks and fossils, including a cool Cave Bear Skeleton visit/revisit my road trip to Montana last summer.

Have a lovely week! Don’t forget to play outside.

Updated 4/25/2023 @ 7:58pm (PST) to include the Photo submission Guidelines

The Fine Print:  Photo Submissions Guidelines

Email to:, Subject line: Photo Submission for [month] (Multiple months of photos in one email is fine.) Image: Attached as a .JPEG or .PNG file preferred. Captions each picture: Subject in the photo (if known), State/Providence & Country, Date (optional). Your name as you want it to appear, Your blog link (if you have one.) 

Feel free to add any interesting notes about a picture. I love interesting stories behind things! Let me know if it’s just for ‘my eyes only’ or if I can share any part of it with your photo. Pictures must be your own or you have permission from the Photographer to share it. All copyrights belong to their respective owners. This is a free, fun, community site about nature. Non-commercial and ad free.