Photo Submissions: The Sky & the Moon

A modern dinosaur flies above the Salish Sea between Vancouver Island and Vancouver By Dinah

When I look at the sky or moon, the word transition comes to mind. I think about the many transitions that take place within our world and our individual lives. Death is a shadow to our light. We are of both matter (body) and anti-matter (spirit.)

The sky changes throughout our planetary cycles in a unit of measurement we call days. Yet measures of time, gravity and composition can change vastly on planets different from our own. The movie Interstellar is one of my favorites and a great example of what other worlds could look like. The movie was based on our current understanding of black holes, worm holes and relativity. Dr Kip Thorne Nobel Laurate of Physics in 2017 provided equations and insight as a subject matter expert to bring authenticity to such a brilliant movie.

Real science is not boring. It expands the universes within our minds. In my heart, Pluto will always be a (dwarf) planet and the Apatosaurus will always be a Brontosaurus. The scientific community might change the name of things, but I still know what my favorite dinosaur is.

The night before a super moon in New York, USA By Dinah

As the moon dances with the earth, I feel a kinship to all living things. It reminds me that we are not alone and its phases, while often predictable, remind us that change is constant. The presence of the moon can be felt throughout the world in king tides, migrations and the hours of sun in a day. Without it the earth would spin faster, and the days would be shorter. I fear I really wouldn’t get anything done if the days became any shorter!

One hour later – The night before a super moon in New York, USA By Dinah

The Moon –

Moon at Summer Solstice, Overstrand, North Norfolk, England – 21 June 2022.  IDV, Inexplicable Device: I get up at four in the morning so you don’t have to!

Moon peering through the trees. Routt National Forest, Colorado, U.S. By Tracy Abell Another Day on the Planet

Moon through the branches Manhattan NY USA By Kerfe &

Moon above a building Manhattan NY USA By Kerfe &

Moon and clouds Manhattan NY USA By Kerfe &

Sunrise –

Sunrise north of Devon England By Ms Scarlet

Obscured sunrise over the North Sea, North Norfolk, England – 28 Oct 2020.  IDV, Inexplicable Device: Crack of Dawn.

Sunrise over Brooklyn NY USA By Dinah

The Day –

Mist over the fields Devon England By Ms Scarlet

Clouds over a field Devon England By Ms Scarlet

Clouds that resemble a snowy avalanche rumbling ever closer Routt National Forest, Colorado, U.S. By Tracy Abell Another Day on the Planet

A ship sails the Salish Sea between Vancouver Island and Vancouver By Dinah

Sunset –

Sunset in Manhattan NY USA By Kerfe &

Sunset in the southern hemisphere By Dinah

Special Capture –

An early morning rocket launch from Cape Canaveral FL USA captured by Lisa Troute in her driveway several miles away.

Thank you!

My many thanks to everyone who submitted photos and those who strongly thought about submitting photos but weren’t able to for one reason or another.

You expand my horizons!

May Submissions – Rocks and Fossils

This nature site is severely lacking in sediment appreciation. Let’s remedy that! Show me your pictures of cool rocks and/or fossils.

Due: April 30th

To be posted on May 1st.

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