The squirrel

Where did I hide my nuts?

The clueless squirrel does not know how to count

She runs and hides nuts, which she then goes out to find

Where did I put them? says loudly and nervous,

While watching a bear with her cub fishing in the river,

Did you look in the gaps? asked the cub

I’m on it, and I can’t find anything,

Why did I have them? whispers the squirrel.

There goes a rabbit who says hello and asks, are you looking for food?

No, I am not hungry, answers the squirrel

but I can’t find my nuts.

It comes back and happens to me every time!

The seagull in the sky begins to squawk

It seems to me that you buried them again,

Tired the squirrel decides to dig,

One hole after another will uncover.

Already weary, she finds a nut. It’s not just one, is it maybe ten?

One and two nuts plus this, are three,

four, five and another one, is six,

seven, eight, plus one, are nine,

the last one is great, it is number ten!

With her spirits up, she learned how to count

And with her ten nuts she went to sit

After a while, the bear and the cub, the rabbit and the seagull arrived

Everyone was happy to see her at ease,

celebrating her nature in their beautiful garden

where the squirrel flourishes wiser and free

The animal kingdom is celebrating the squirrel existence

who thought she was clueless but only to find

a group of wild friends to tell her stories.


Photo Submission Reminders

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