Fungi/Mushroom Photo Submissions – Extended

Hello Nature-led friends!

Let’s see if I can get this posted before I lose power! We are currently under a winter storm advisory with wind and snow.

My family (including myself) currently have the flu but are slowly recovering. Therefore, I’m extending the deadline for the Fungi/Mushroom Photo submissions.

New due date: Sunday December 4th!

Pictures to be posted the following day on Monday December 5th.

Thank you!

Photo Submissions

Email to:

Subject line: Photo Submission for [month] (Multiple months of photos in one email is fine.)

Image: Attached as a .JPEG or .PNG file

Captions each picture: Subject in the photo (if known), State/Providence & Country, Date (optional). Your name as you want it to appear, Your blog link (if you have one)

Feel free to add any interesting notes about a picture. I love interesting stories behind things! Let me know if it’s just for ‘my eyes only’ or if I can share any part of it with the photo.

A Day of Thanks, A Day of Remembrance

Alder Leaf

Small Maple Leaf

I don’t have much to say about Thanksgiving in the United States. I find it a rather awkward holiday. So, let’s move on. This is a Nature blog, not a holiday blog after all!

I’m planning to do two posts for the month of December.

Right now, I’m doing some “not so light reading” in preparation for my next high-level post. Its rather depressing, but you know once it passes through me, I’ll make it much more enjoyable for you to read! I’ll also share a funny personal story about how to make ANY job a “Nature-Led” job.

Until then……

Pull your weeds after the rain.

Go for a walk in Nature.

Stay true to yourself.

Photo by Pok Rie on

Update Log #1: New Tabs and Tidbits

I’ve spent the last few days tweaking this sit as I learn how to use the WordPress tools and widgets better. I can get quite obsessive about how I think something should look and feel. More changes to come. This blog lives and grows by hope and ambition. Your feedback is always greatly appreciated. Please note the new tabs near the top to find certain topics easier to find.

  • If you have suggestions to make this site easier to read or more accessible to you, please let me know. I am happy to try changing fonts or colors to make it easier for you to read.
  • If there is a Nature-led topic you’re particularly interested in please let me know. You can always email me directly if you don’t want to add your comment to a post (

It is my intention to continue posting once a week. My co-pilot, Patricia Lezama, just moved, so we’ll let her get settled into her new place for a couple of weeks before I start barking demands for new content at her. I am also busy working on a collection of dark fairytales. I will likely craft a separate writing page and link it to here. I intend to make the first story free to read. I hope you will look forward to that project, as I am excited to share it! Finally, I would like to say that I am entirely too young to be retired in any fashion and must look for ways to make my own income. These are exciting times. There are so many companies, nonprofits and government programs invested in making the world a better place. I feel I have two paths before me. Do I find my niche within an existing organization or do I build my own? I will say that I prefer to be the brainy sidekick or assistant than the main character. My natural inclination is to lead from the side and amplify the abilities of the people around me then dominate the stage or setting.

Stay tuned for a Nature-led Pride Post tomorrow or Saturday. Until then, go outside and get some fresh air!

Magnolia Flower – Melanie Reynolds