Reviving a blog with renewed intent

My first blog began in 2007 on a site called Blogger. I stumbled about, stepped on a few toes, but eventually found some kinfolk. We were kinfolk in spirit, not by blood or nationality. We huddled around our little campfire, let’s call it enlightenment. Voltaire and Goethe would approve. We mutinied at some point. There was talk of unwarranted censorship against one of our friends. We were too few for anyone to notice, so we tied our little lifeboats together and ferried on over here to the WordPress. “Blogs” (origin web logs) were still relatively new back then.

Now the internet is full of places to gather. Social Media is a thing now. They shove advertisements up your nose and lead you by the eyeballs to see what makes you react 🙂 😦 . Did you read the terms and conditions? Do any of us really know what we’ve signed up for? Probably not. The fine print is coded in language we understood, but the definitions changed while we slept. A computer never sleeps. We’re humans, biological machine being test-driven with push notifications. If we allow it. I turn them all off. I fight the filter bubble every time it slaps me in the cheek.

Like everyone else though, I want to be heard. Blogs die and resurrect every day. We type and we wonder if anyone is listening. It can be depressing, depending on what your intent is. I’m not here to be part of the grist mill. I’m not going to chase clicks, views, advertisement revenue, SEO or anything else. I’m here to write. I’m putting out a signal and I’m building a new campfire. This site is for anyone who is tired of the noise. Let this digital space be filled with helpful insights and lots of pictures of nature. I am not nature’s muse, it is mine. Excuse me as I bump about a bit. They redesigned this ship. Will I have to pay for stowage if I want a bunch of pretty pictures? Probably, we’re on the internets after all. A bona fide shipping lane.

7 thoughts on “Reviving a blog with renewed intent

    1. Yes, most definitely! I propose we elevate them to the level of s’mores. I shall bring the chocolate, if you will bring the marshmallows. Hopefully some kind soul will find us here and stop by with a box or graham crackers. We used to have a restaurant here where you could make s’mores at the table. They used pretty ceramic bowls with a small sterno can of jellied denatured alcohol as the flaming source and reusable metal rods as the “sticks” to roast the marshmallows. It can’t be the same as a real campfire of course, but a mini tribute to the real thing. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! I didn’t expect a visitor so soon! What a nice surprise!


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