Snow Patterns

Freshly fallen snow hushes the landscape, refracts the light, and sharpens the air. Nature’s mandala, crafted from water. A pattern of life and death. The wolves and bison of Yellowstone know this dance well.

Please enjoy this virtual walk as my gift to you. I won’t tell if you want to skip ahead for the animal sightings. For you this landscape might seem foreign, for me, I call it home.

2 thoughts on “Snow Patterns

  1. That fox looks very tubby and groomed – ours are very shabby by comparison! Looks to be an amazing landscape to live with. I hope I come back to watch the rest of this.


    1. I love foxes and have followed The Fox Project for several years which located in the UK. I do think there are small genetic differences from having adapted to their respective environments over time. Most of us tend to “poof” out our layers to survive the cold, except the otters and beavers who have special oils in their coats. The cold dry air also creates static electricity, so sometimes we poof even when we don’t want too.


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