Nature-Led Art: Boat in Bottle

Boat in Bottle with Flash, no edits – Melanie Reynolds

I learn by doing and I fail a lot. I overanalyze. Everything is so much simpler when other people do it. We don’t get to see their messes and mistakes, unless they choose to share it with us. I feel honored when people share their messes with me. I like to think it makes us real. Real people, real friends, or real relatable at any rate. In this bottle is nature, memories, artistic expression and a bit of hireth.

  • the bottle is a recycled Maple syrup bottle
  • the cork is from the craft store in a pack that cost less than a US dollar
  • the chain, boat, treasure chest and eye hook are also from the craft store
  • the shells are the smallest ones from my late Grandfather’s shell collection
  • the sand is from a beach close to where a loved one grew up
  • the bottle sits on a piece of petrified wood from my late grandfather’s rock collection, which came from a place in central Washington state, between the home I’ve made and the home where I grew up
Boat in a bottle no flash with Vanilla filter – Melanie Reynolds

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