A Spring Walk through Pensthorpe

These beautiful images are brought to you by my friend Inexplicable Device near Norfolk, England.

An Artful Stag

Bluebells carpet the forest

A handsome Mandarin Duck

For more wonderful pictures please visit: Inexplicable DeVice

Have a wonderful week!

My next few posts will be focusing on Disaster Preparedness content for this site.

Tuesday, May 18th is the anniversary of the Mt St Helens Eruption in Washington State, USA. My home. I was five years old when the mountain exploded. I believe it was the impetus for my passion in disaster preparedness.

8 thoughts on “A Spring Walk through Pensthorpe

  1. Ah, thank you, Melanie. And sorry it’s taken a while to get here and see what you’ve done. I think you’ve picked the best three photos as a showcase – I’d like to think that I would have picked the same ones if I had to choose only three, but I’m hopeless at making this kind of decision and would be dithering about it for days!

    P.S. I’m so near to Norfolk that I’m actually in it 🙂 (Norfolk is the county I live in, on England’s East coast sticking out into the North Sea)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s easier to be someone else’s editor than our own. As for Norfolk, I didn’t how close you wanted your location “zeroed in” on when it comes to the internet. What if it became viral and one of your favorite places got mobbed by people with selfie-sticks and Instagrammers and it was all my fault! 😉


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