From Her Heart Grows A Tree – Visual Branching


Jude Itakali

Her eyes wrenched him from the clutches of reality
He was plunged to the very depths of fantasy
Their softness
Their fragility
It lent him strength
It woke purpose within desire
But alas when you wade too deep for too long,
You find things not meant to be found…

In those trenches of beauty there was fear
A dread that the outside was superficial
And the inside would always be empty
A panic that when the petals fell,
When the beauty withered,
Loneliness would remain

In her nightmare a dream took root
Sown by his pledge
Warmed by companionship
Watered by commitment
He would not abandon her to that darkness
For he had always known;
“From her heart grows a tree”
And it blooms through all seasons

Mark S

sitting silently

from her heart a tree grows

ancient mosses


The earth,

From her heart grows a tree;

The Tree of Life.

Grounded Wisdom

“From her heart grows a tree” whose bark has peeled and chipped, now leaving exposed wood growing moss and green creatures fertile with new life to pass. She is solid below the surface, and confident the new chapter will take root.


From her heart grows a tree

she opens our eyes

to a lattice of love

and unity.



without exception

devoid of division

There is no boundary.

Tracy Abell

I remember standing in these aspens two years ago, my heart expanding as I gazed up, up, up at this tree reaching for the blue sky. However, aspens are not only magnificent above ground, but also below, because groups of aspen share a root system. A system one might imagine as an enormous “beating heart” below ground.

“From her heart grows a tree.”

Her heart connecting with mine.



From her heart grows a tree, a family tree, with many branches called generations.


The Family Tree is among the most wonderful images of trees; how people are connected over generations. Certainly not the beginning of my family tree – yet, a long time ago, Barnebus Maney, Captain during the Revolution – father of 12 children was the beginning. I (and you and Joshua and Noah) are related to more people than you can imagine. Like a tree – we grow branches. Like a tree, we grow new branches – each one making us stronger. I love the connections.

Below you will see a visual tree that has been done by a proper computer scientist. Instead of creating a trunk from an obscure phrase using search engine indexing like I did, he took tweets on Twitter using hashtags (#example) and created groups of tweets on specific topics. This is a circular tree, which I think represents any type of social grouping well. We are spheres of knowledge, spheres of associations, Venn diagrams within Venn diagrams.

Brent Schneerman Tweetgeister 2010

This diagram along with several others from The Book of Trees: Visualizing Branches of Knowledge by Manuel Lima or several more examples digitally from this 2014 Gizmodo Australia article:

I want to share one more discovered in the book that I found particularly lovely and with a subject also close to my heart ;words, or in this case a visualization of words without using words:

By Stefanie Posavec 2008.

From her heart grows a tree”

“from her heart grows a tree”

15 thoughts on “From Her Heart Grows A Tree – Visual Branching

  1. This is very cool! I really like Mary’s statement. It is so poetic. Thanks for putting this together and trying this experiment. And, the Stefanie Posavec example is wonderful and very organic. The leaves and branches from her visual reminds me of some sort of house plant. The shape is very familiar. Thanks again for starting this and letting us join in on your experiment.

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  2. These are wonderful responses, all of them! Thank you, Melanie, for putting this together. For me, it was a spur of the moment thing but your prompt was very special. 💐💐🙋‍♂️

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  3. I’ve just seen this, Melanie, as I haven’t been online for a few days. I enjoyed the motivation this experiment gave me and the enjoyment of reading everyone’s offerings. Thank you!
    The illustrations in this post are fascinating.

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  4. Melanie, I’ve been out of town and offline so am just seeing your amazing efforts. My climate anxiety is through the roof right now, but looking at these connections with all you wonderful people soothes my heart. Thank you again for doing this.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. My pleasure Tracy! I know what you mean about climate change anxiety. I’m very stubborn though and I refuse to believe its too late. I feel like we just need to work harder, together. Maybe we need a competitive “Nature Olympics” to inspire countries to come up with the best solutions faster.

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