No Howling

It’s a busy week so I’ll leave you with a few pictures from a local zoo. I have mixed feelings about zoos. It allows people to see living animals which is cool and you hope that it leads to people wanting to protect the animals and their habitats through conservation methods, but do the costs outweigh the benefits to the lives of these animals? Probably not. I’ll keep my refrain beyond that.

The unwritten part: It’s also meaningless and irritating to the zoo staff and other visitors.

Run free in your dreams, sweet wolves.

11 thoughts on “No Howling

  1. Melanie – I also have problems with zoos.  However, thought I should mention the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary in Jupiter.  It really is special, because its mission is to care for animals that have been injured.   Yes, it is a zoo with snakes/animals/birds in cages – but, the true mission of the Sanctuary is treating and hopefully healing living things that have been injured.   I believe we took Noah there a couple of times; and, I tend to think he enjoyed it.  It will be interesting on you next visit, when Noah is older how he appreciates what the Busch Sanctuary really is.    I haven’t checked their website in a long time; just did – and, am thinking, a small donation is needed. Just a thought – but, you might give them a mention in one of your blogs.  Affectionately, Em 

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  2. I think many people have difficulties with zoos but nowadays the big zoos are also involved in breeding programmes when some of these dear animals are almost extinct in the wild. It is the setting that upsets me most because in a zoo they cannot run free! Would a safari park be a better option?

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    1. Yes, We do have a good place called Northwest Trek where the humans are confined to a tram/train that drives on a path and most of the animals get wide open spaces. to move about. The predators still end up getting the smaller enclosures because that’s what people really pay to come see and that’s the rub. These animals would prefer to be much more elusive, but their presence excites the visitors and pays the bills.

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