Raindrops on Moss

(click image to enlarge for even greater detail) – By Melanie Reynolds

The rain is finally returning to the Pacific Northwest. I feel as though the land, plants, animals and humans who call this place home can all take a big relaxed breathe of cool air now. This home. This what what home feels like to us. It’s crispy morning air, damp but not humid. That earthy smell of humus makes me think of mushrooms, pumpkins and roasted root vegetables. I love Fall! We are sweaters and jeans people. The style of the Northwest is very casual compared to other areas of the U.S. We’re not sloppy though. Only rarely do I see someone noticeably wearing pajamas to the grocery store. Even then they are often a clean set of relatable, quirky pants and shirt combos.

We take our children into fine dining establishments, pubs and music venues. We want them to share in the best of what life has to offer which for us is often centered around food and friendship. We’re the birthplace of Starbucks, Dale Chihuly, Bruce Lee, Bing Crosby, Jimi Hendrix, and Grunge music (Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Alice in Chains to name a few). I moved here for the rain and creative energy. On the other side of the state, where I come from, it’s drier and people spend more time doing than thinking about things. I’d like to believe I’m a balanced blend of both.

What do you like about the environment where you live?

What is your favorite season there and why?

Have a great week Nature-Led Friends!

16 thoughts on “Raindrops on Moss

  1. Here, it rained in the night and so when I stepped into the back garden just after 07.00 am the air was fresh and clean! There was no wind, so a lovely time to be out! I’m with you Melanie, I love autumn, but then spring is wonderful too! They are both seasons of change! I live in Northern Ireland and I suppose one of the lovely things is that no matter where you are, you are never far from some beautiful coasts or mountains (nothing above 3000 feet). Very accessible for a population of just under 2 million! Not bad, eh? 🙋‍♂️

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    1. I didn’t know you’re in Ireland, that’s so cool! I would love to visit there some day and visit your mossy rock island! I also love rocks. I think the only thing I’m not a fan of is mosquitos and murder hornets. Ha,ha,ha.

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  2. You moved there for the rain??? You would love Devon, England, as it is lush green in Spring, and like a wilderness from October onwards. I like Autumn and watching the buzzards perched on the telephone polls seeking out food… and roadkill.
    Bing Crosby was rather stylish.

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    1. Yes, Scarlet. I do think the UK and the Pacific Northwest have a lot in common when it come to rain and lush greenery.

      Yes, there certainly was a generational divide though between Bing Crosby’s style and say Kurt Cobain’s. LOL

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  3. That’s a beautiful photo, Melanie. I do so enjoy a magnificent mound of moist moss!

    I live right on the coast (as you are aware), and find the constant sound of the sea (and the almost as constant wind) rather comforting. Spring is my favourite season – I can never wait for it to arrive and get everything growing!

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    1. Yes, though I love where we live now, I really want to live somewhere where I can hear and watch some form of waterway through the seasons. Spring is beautiful, but I spend all winter planning for Spring only to have a plethora of weeds burst upon me and make me feel overwhelmed with all I feel needs to be done.


  4. Although summers there were lovely, I left Portland, OR, because of the almost unrelenting rain we endured the other 9 months of the year. I need sunshine! So, of course, I moved to the Sunshine State!

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  5. Hi Melanie, That photo is great! It’s the perfect fit for your post. My partner and I have talked a lot about moving out that way. We visited Seattle and Portland several years ago and then I went back to Portland for work a year later. Just really like the feel of the place. But we are good here in Northern Vermont right now in the tree covered mountains and the snow.
    On another note, I didn’t get notification of your posts again!! I’m going to try the follow/unfollow thing again and see if we can get it to work.

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    1. Hi Mark, If I ever moved to the East coast Massachusetts or Vermont would be at the top of my list! Every place has its pro and cons. I don’t know what its like in other parts of the country, but homelessness is especially bad right now, worst than I’ve ever seen and I’ve been through two recessions.

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      1. Hi Melanie, In rural Vermont our homelessness issue is more hidden. In summer there are plenty of places to camp out of sight from people, and in the winter it is too cold to stay outside so there are more shelter opportunities. With that said, we have a serious lack of available, affordable housing options. Housing is definitely an issue.

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    1. I hope you can too! Its closer to Japan then Pennsylvania. Maybe when you plan a trip to visit your home state you can turn a Seattle layover into a 3-4 day trip. You could rent a car and go to Mount Rainier’s Paradise Lodge or head out to the Olympic Peninsula. I really like the Kalaloch area for a wild ocean adventure. You might see whales!


      1. Thanks for suggestions! The Olympic Pennisula has been on my list for a while.The atmosphere seems so serene and a bit other worldy. When I back living in the US, I will definitely have to take a trip those areas.

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