Nature-led Community Photos: Unknown Paths

My sincerest appreciation to everyone that submitted photos for our very first photo collection! Thank you for helping to make a shared community endeavor!

Balboa Park, San Diego, CA, USA. By Kelly Filka

Durham County England, UK. View 1 By Leslie,

Same path different angle, the blurring creates a trick of the eyes that makes it feel more like an illusion.

Durham County England, UK. View 2 By Leslie

Inca Path Machu Picchu, Peru. Oct 2015 By Lisa Troute

North Devon England, UK, Spring 2022 By Ms Scarlet,

North Norfolk, England, UK, April 2022 By Inexplicable DeVice,

Southern Pines, NC, USA. By Cathy Litchfield,

Mistress Borghese grants us a playful image with this cheeky offering…

Poconos Mountains, Pennsylvania, USA. Near Leighton (1) By Mistress Borghese,

Poconos Mountains, Pennsylvania, USA. Near Leighton (2) By Mistress Borghese

Our Poet-in-Residence, Patricia Lezama, concludes our post of unknown paths with this treasure and some insightful words on the topic.

Snow Path in Washington, USA. Feb 2019 By Patricia Lezama,

Sometimes the paths are shown as a blank sheet of paper for you to stamp them with your steps. Fast or serene, you might stop or follow to raise your eyes and admire your surroundings.

We take selfies for us to remember what we were and where, or to publish them on social networks. Perhaps to share a piece of joy of the wonders of our planet with our loved ones. Or for those unknown and farthest away to be delighted with our tastes and places. To belong, or to be recognized in some circles. There are no human faces in this picture to guess the emotions, there are no emojis that contain possible feelings. But there must be a word to name this snow, in a tribe that I don’t know quite yet. 

A word to name this feeling of invisibility, the no presence in that present. I was there on that landscape, breathing with the evergreens, those trees that don’t change color to match the weather. 

My saliva had the flavor of pine reaching my belly. Savoring my own cold infusion. The friction of my pores with winter clothes exhaled a mist that warmed my whole body. I was there and I smiled while posing for this picture, my hands were still warm, capturing the steps non taken in a past full of new snow, over a future to be traveled.

Wayfarer, there is no path. By Antonio Machado. 

Wayfarer, there is no way. Make your way by going farther.*

[ Original: CAMINANTE NO HAY CAMINO | Antonio Machado – Poesía Española (

English translation poem: [Traveler, your footprints] by Antonio Machado | Poetry Foundation]

*a phrase from the song Cantares, by Joan Manuel Serrat, honoring the poet Machado

Have a lovely, day!

Reminder: There is still time to join us for September’s photo submission. “A Tree” Due: September 30th. Submissions will be posted October 1st. Email to:

*If I made any errors or you would like changes to your photo submission information above. Please let me know by email or in the comments. Thank you!

21 thoughts on “Nature-led Community Photos: Unknown Paths

  1. A wonderful post, Melanie, and thanks also to all those who contributed their view of Untrodden Paths, allowing them to be seen here! I’m sorry that I was unable to join but hopefully I will be able to join in for September. 🙋‍♂️

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  2. WOW!!!! All such lovely and diverse offerings!!!! Everyone had such a creative and good eye for such paths. I had no idea that Ms Scarlet lived so far out. Now I understand her mud dilemma she sometimes speaks of. I’d gladly work down any of these paths.

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