Happy Holidays!

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, something else or nothing all together I care about you! Take care of yourself and your family as many in the US and across the globe struggle with crazy weather, inflation and injustices.

Below is one of my favorite songs, “A Carol of Bells” whether it be entirely vocal or instrumental it doesn’t matter. It thrills me when large groups of people come together to do good, create music or art as a collective! To me, it echoes the harmony of nature. Mutiple individual organisms working in unison as a larger complex organism designed to create something special. The glimmer of hope is there! When we work together to solve environmental and social justice problems the spark is greater than the sum of our parts like pieces of flint sparking a fire.

Take heart, Nature-led Friends, calamities abound but all is not lost. We can change the future, because the future is yet unwritten. We can change the world in small ways. As the holidays come and go, think about what you can do to make the world a better place. The power is within you to make change; to be a force for good, for kindness and for compassion in a way that resonates for you.

Life, the orchestra of life, through breath, paces and actions embraces you.

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