Hot little sips

Agua caliente / Hot water. Photo by PatriciaLezama

Some time ago, the first thing I usually do when I get up is go to the kitchen, put on the kettle to drink a large cup of hot water. I sip it. And while that happens, I meditate. Or I think that’s what I do. I had always told myself that I didn’t know how to meditate, at least not like some close people do. Now I think I meditate with each sip, while I feel how the warmth of the water goes down my throat, warms my belly, warming my spirits. That water runs through my body and connects me with the dawn to plan my day. What is urgent, what my body needs, what my family requires of me, and what are the household chores.

I sense I should write down all these duties to be able to prioritize them, therefore, making my day more efficient. Organize, create routines, be disciplined. That’s how I’ve read it should be, and so I’ve heard it from people I admire. But somehow lazy or stubborn, this but still exists. And I continue to plan my day my way. It works for me, for now. I learned that in my meditation, that some habits work for a while, then they change, they transform. Today, after so long without writing a few lines, this cup, with its water already warm, brought me here. Sip by sip.

How do you meditate? Do you plan your day, week, month, year?

6 thoughts on “Hot little sips

  1. Good afternoon, Patricia,
    I do try to plan, but it usually descends into chaos and broken ideas! But like you I start the day with a cuppa – the first sip is the best as I still believe I’m going to get something done.

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    1. oh yes, those first sips are the best! I remain hopeful even if at the end of the day I couldn’t get done most of the things I wanted to do. Maybe I am too optimistic…!


  2. I’m so happy you’ve come back to write in this shared space! I agree with you and Scarlet’s comment. I’m excited to wake up every morning because the start of each day feels like it has so much potential. It was not always like this though. I went through a dark depression in my early twenties. Now the little things matter, like starting the day with a warm drink. For me, it’s usually a cuppa coffee or tea, sometimes hot water with lemon and ginger.

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  3. Meditation can happen many ways, for me it includes a guided mediation using You Tube. Stirring risotto, driving a car, walking on the beach are all times of meditation for me. The point is (IMO) you are present for the day – for that precise moment.

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  4. That’s right Mary! be present in the now. Welcoming all the paths that bring us here!
    Thank you for posting a comment.


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