Project Do Better: A call for helping hands

Please help Shira Dest and others by joining their community project of creating a book and partnership to “Do Better” (formerly known as Baby Acres) Beta Readers are needed, a logo design is needed and more. See this landing page for more details to put a floor under poverty.

Context, Critical Thinking, Continuous Learning: Project Do Better

    Project Do Better works  to create a society where every child is safe, and that is more fully inclusive for all of us. 

  Project Do Better presents a vision of a world in which we all work toward a full safety net, and a better tomorrow, for all of us. 

   I have a request to make:

   I believe that planning ahead is a good idea, so:

   Feedback on the chapters can most easily be commented upon here, for the 5th draft.


  We need, still,  a better central portal set up for the project (any volunteers to do that, please?).  This temporary page works for now, I guess, maybe?

Oh, and a logo, please, although a friend of a friend may be working on this, not verified yet.

   The sections, of my nonfiction WiP Do Better, every Wondering Wednesday, …

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