March 2022 New & Updates

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Hello Nature-Led friends!

Spring is here in the Northern Hemisphere and I’m sorry dear, but I can’t keep my love inside!

The chickadees and I are hatching big plans! The robins are looking at us suspiciously. I’m not sure they’re on board, nor are they amused. Another round of worms! One chickadee I’ve named “Kamikaze” (or “Kam” for short) because it doesn’t mind me swinging my hand tools about as it swoops in to grab whatever tasty grub I’ve exposed. This bold little flier likes to perch as close to me as possible. I think if I held still long enough, I would probably become the perch!

Photo by Skyler Ewing on

I’ll try to post pictures in the coming months. I want to keep this site active and interesting. I just won’t have a lot of time for essay-length blog posts until the rainy season comes back in late September.

In other news, I am working on a “The Nature-Led Life” book. I’m also in the process of developing a community-based Nature Consultancy business if I can’t find or create a position within one of a handful of existing organizations in which I support. As you can imagine this takes a lot of time and effort.

A win for Disaster Preparedness?

A small group of citizens, including myself have finally convinced our City to create a City-sponsored Citizen Corps for response to emergencies and disasters. It only took eight years! Of course, they want us all to volunteer (work for free) to start and manage the program. Unfortunately, the timing is suspicious and a rather low blow. They voted to dissolve our fire department and now we have to rely on a multi-city agency for fire and emergency services. I have the most training and experience in Disaster Management of our group, but such a program can’t be managed for free. Would you put in a 60-hour work week on a variable schedule including evenings and weekends with the possibility of accidental bodily harm for free? No, likely not. Passion isn’t going to pay bills or feed kids. We’re trying to negotiate with the City for at least one paid position as a Program Manager or Coordinator to be created. It doesn’t have to be me that fills the position. I’m happy to help, but boundaries will be set when you expect us to work for free.

7 thoughts on “March 2022 New & Updates

  1. Hi Melanie, it sounds like you have a few interesting projects going on. The citizen disaster corp sounds like a great idea and I hope you can secure funding. The other goal should be to see if you can make friends with the chickadee and get them to land in your had. I hope all is well!

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