Collateral Damage – People & Nature

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A war on any group of people is a war on the natural world.

The invasion of Ukraine has led to the loss of individual human lives, communities and cities.


The invasion of Ukraine has led to the loss of individual flora and fauna, ecosystems and biota.

You cannot attack one without assaulting the other.


10 thoughts on “Collateral Damage – People & Nature

  1. Dear Melanie,

    I concur with you.

    Let us lament not only the loss of human lives but also “the loss of individual flora and fauna, ecosystems and biota”, as you put it.

    Let me resonate with your post by leaving a striking token of my visit with the following illustration, which originates from my multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary post entitled “SoundEagle in Debating Animal Artistry and Musicality“:!

    Happy Easter to you soon!

    Yours sincerely,

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      1. Dear Melanie,

        You are very welcome. Continuing the spirit and tenet of your excellent post here, I would like to add that we humans are often too absorbed in our own affairs to notice two big elephants in the room: speciesism and anthropocentricism. Both are highly entrenched, and both are very widespread and often unacknowledged forms of prejudice, discrimination and bigotry. Despite years of fleshing out the (conceptual, philosophical, ethical, practical and/or social) framework in examining the possibility or plausibility of environmentalism meeting the needs and expectations of all humanity to help us to survive as a species, fundamental progress is still far too slow.

        As you probably already know, we are already in the midst of the Sixth Great Extinction. If you are interested, the main issue is twofold: speciesism and anthropocentricism. Until we critically deal with the main issue, even environmentalism in all its diversity may not suffice to turn things around, as discussed in my multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary post entitled “SoundEagle in Debating Animal Artistry and Musicality” at

        Being simultaneously witty and serious about a number of outstanding issues, the said post actually ventures far beyond whatever its title may suggest or mean to any reader, especially in the very long “Conclusions” section. Please note the ISEA Model that I have devised to analyse and describe the Instrumental, Spiritual, Pro-Environment and Pro-Animal/Plant perspectives.

        Like nonbinary sexual identity and transgender issues, interspecies interactions and communications are also very special in that they can and tend to transcend many boundaries and expectations imposed by human customs and belief systems. Perhaps you have heard of or studied such disciplines as zoo-anthropology or anthrozoology?

        I welcome your input and am curious to know what you make of my said post.

        I would like to inform you that when you visit my blog, it is preferrable to use a desktop or laptop computer with a large screen to view the rich multimedia contents available for heightening your multisensory enjoyment at my blog, which could be too powerful and feature-rich for iPad, iPhone, tablet or other portable devices to handle properly or adequately.

        Furthermore, since my intricate blog contains advanced styling and multimedia components plus animations, it is advisable to avoid viewing the contents of my blog using the WordPress Reader, which cannot show many of the advanced features and animations in my posts and pages. It is best to read the posts and pages directly in my blog so that you will be able to savour and relish all of the refined and glorious details plus animations. Please enjoy exploring the various contents on my blog to your heart’s content!

        Given your very own backgrounds, interests, insights and expertise, I am certainly very keen and curious about what you will make of my said post entitled “SoundEagle in Debating Animal Artistry and Musicality“, and I look forward to the pleasure of perusing your esteemed feedback there.

        Wishing you a productive April and a lovely Easter weekend doing or enjoying whatever that satisfies you the most, whether aesthetically, physically, intellectually or spiritually!

        Yours sincerely,

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    1. I try to keep this blog on a mostly positive and hopeful note, but something has to be said. These wars and conflicts continue to erase so much work that people put into trying to just live, let alone trying to live healthy sustainable lives in places all over the world. 😦


  2. Hi Melanie, Thanks for calling attention to this. The ripple effect of human violence is extensive. The immediate visible damage is just the tip of iceberg of the damage that is done to our interconnected and interdependent living systems.

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