A Spring Walk through Pensthorpe

These beautiful images are brought to you by my friend Inexplicable Device near Norfolk, England.

An Artful Stag

Bluebells carpet the forest

A handsome Mandarin Duck

For more wonderful pictures please visit: Inexplicable DeVice

Have a wonderful week!

My next few posts will be focusing on Disaster Preparedness content for this site.

Tuesday, May 18th is the anniversary of the Mt St Helens Eruption in Washington State, USA. My home. I was five years old when the mountain exploded. I believe it was the impetus for my passion in disaster preparedness.

Nature-Led Art: Boat in Bottle

Boat in Bottle with Flash, no edits – Melanie Reynolds

I learn by doing and I fail a lot. I overanalyze. Everything is so much simpler when other people do it. We don’t get to see their messes and mistakes, unless they choose to share it with us. I feel honored when people share their messes with me. I like to think it makes us real. Real people, real friends, or real relatable at any rate. In this bottle is nature, memories, artistic expression and a bit of hireth.

  • the bottle is a recycled Maple syrup bottle
  • the cork is from the craft store in a pack that cost less than a US dollar
  • the chain, boat, treasure chest and eye hook are also from the craft store
  • the shells are the smallest ones from my late Grandfather’s shell collection
  • the sand is from a beach close to where a loved one grew up
  • the bottle sits on a piece of petrified wood from my late grandfather’s rock collection, which came from a place in central Washington state, between the home I’ve made and the home where I grew up
Boat in a bottle no flash with Vanilla filter – Melanie Reynolds